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Temperature transmitter
FP 2137
FP 2137
Power supply: 12 to 30VDC filtered
Accuracy: + / -0.006% / ° C
Output: 4/20 mA current loop
This series of industrial transmitters convert the signals delivered by the thermocouples into a standard 4/20 mA or 0/10V process signal. They are mounted in the sensor probe heads.
Digital thermometer
-ENREG 1/2V PT100
Résolution : 0,1°C
Dimensions : 150 x 72 x 32mm
Mémoire : Supérieure à 1 million de points
Plage de fonctionnement : -10 à 60°C
Ce thermomètre numérique avec enregistrement de données vous permet d'enregistrer des relevés de température provenant d'une seule sonde de température attachée.
Enregistreur de température
PN6 4K
Gamme de température : -200 à 1370°C
Résolution : 0,1° entre -200 et 200°C
Température de stockage : -20 à 60°C
Ce thermomètre compact à 4 entrées est équipé d'un puissant enregistreur de données. L'appareil peut stocker jusqu'à 16 000 valeurs par canal à intervalles programmés.Unité livrée avec un logiciel compatible avec Windows permettant d'afficher et d'enregistrer des données.
Module de Température USB Thermocouples 8 voies
Module USB 8 voies thermocouples
FP I 2637
Appareil mesure et enregistre jusqu'à huit thermocouples simultanément, avec une résolution de 20 bits et haute précision. Cet appareil prend en charge 8 types de thermocouples (B, E, J, K, N, R, S, T).
La plage de Mesure de températures commence à –270 jusqu’a +1820 °C .
Thermometer for thermocouple
TM 6602
TM 6602
Accuracy : 0.02% of the reading for a resolution of 1μV
Dimensions: 157 x 85 x 45 mm
Memory: Capacity of recording of 10,000 values
Storage temperature : -30°C à 60°C
Operating temperature : -10°C à 60°C
The TM 6602 thermometer has been designed to simplify the maintenance and the commissioning of temperature sensors. Graphical LCD display 160 x 160 pixels with blacklight.
Thermometer for probes
PN PT100 1V
PN PT100 1V
Accuracy : 0.02% de la lecture pour une résolution de 1μV
Dimensions : 157 x 85 x 45 mm
Memory : Capacity of recording of 10 000 values
Storage temperature : -30 à 60°C
Operating temperature : -10 à 50°C
Thermometer for probes, designed to simply the maintenance and the commissioning of temperature sensors. Graphical LCD display 160 x 160 pixels with blacklight. USB interface.
Receiver calibrator
FP 2597
FP 2597
Operating Temperature: -10 ° C to 55 ° C
Storage Temperature: -40 ° C to 60 ° C
Receiver Calibrator for Measuring and Calibrating Thermocouples K, J, N, etc. It allow simultaneous display of temperature and MV value.
PT100 calibrator
FP 2598
FP 2598
Operating temperature: -10 ° C to 55 ° C
Storage temperature: -40 ° C to 60 ° C
Dimensions and weight: 190 x 89 x 42mm, 350g.
Receiver calibrator for measuring and calibrating probes Pt10, Pt50, Pt100, Pt200 ... Ideal for measuring in a hostile environment, it allows simultaneous display of temperature and ohmic value. 
Digital manometer
Pressure ranges : 0...700 bars
Accuracy : <0,1%FS
Operating temperature : -20...70°C/0...50°C
Dimensions : 59 x 95 x 32mm
This is a compact, micro-processor controlled, highly accurate and versatile pressure measuring instrument with digital indication.
Centrale de mesure +20v
-Centrale GL8X
Central measuring unit, universal portable from 20v to 200 channels. Supplied with software to recover files under CSV and read them on an Excel spreadsheet. The great ease of use make it a very user-friendly tool.
Measuring station 20v
-Centrale GL2X
10-channel universal measurement station, with software, alarm output. This unit is equipped with 10 maximum universal lanes. The data can be stored in the internal memory or on an external USB stick. The software provides as standard to control the control panel and view curves on PC. You can convert your data to CSV for retrieval in a processing software such as Excel.
-Central 8V/relais
Datalogger 8V, Din rail mounting, up to 100 acquisition channel
Telemetry station
-Central 8V/relais
Central telemetry for temperature sensor, pressure etc. Easy to install, no need for specific software.
Modular acquisition system
-Centrale GV
FP 3900
Fast acquisition system, modular on demand, universal input
PT100 miniature recorder
Miniature recorder, programmable time, acquisition time, PC playback, 32000 measurement points capacity, exists in 2, 4, 8 channels. PT100 input, thermocouple, voltage, current, etc. Programming using the supplied software. This product is useful for a large number of applications, The small size of this recorder allows it to be in very confined place.
Transmitter DIN rail
TR UNIV 0/10V 4/20 mA
FP4201 100€ UHT
Din Rail Mount Transmitter, PT100 Input, Thermocouple, 0 / 10v Output, 4/20 mA
portable indicator
PN PT100
FP 2596
Portable indicator for PT100 probe. Operates on battery, and comes with charger. Ability to do a calibration with a probe.
Mobile strength display
Portable Gauge Bridge Indicator, for force sensor, with Tare function. Operates on battery, with power supply of the sensor. Several units of measurement Possibility of calibration with its sensor. Supplied with batteries and mains charger.
Portable indicator hum/temp.
Portable indicator, for humidity and temperature, battery operation. Scale from -20 ° to + 70 ° and from 5% to 95%. Remote probe of the reading device. Highly used equipment for ventilation, air conditioning. Possibility of calibration according to your points.
Thermocouple indicator
Portable thermocouple indicator, exists in 1 or 2 channels
Process indicator
Standard format chart indicator, for any physical quantity. Several types of entries are available. Supply on demand. Output signal according to your need, copy of the signal.
Multi-use indicator
Universal indicator, 4 or 8 independent channels, relay outputs and voltage. Outputs on dry contact, possibility of copying the signal. Supply on demand. Interesting product by its size and the number of connected channels.

Bargraph indicator
Bargraph LCD
Indicator for panel mounting, vertical or horizontal. 240v power supply. Indication in 2 or 3 colors on request.
Miniature Indicator
IN3375 PT/TC
FP 3980
Small format indicator, for panel mounting. Thermocouple input, PT100, voltage. Supply on demand. Ability to do a calibration with a sensor.

Thermomètre infrarouge de poing
Simple à utiliser, ce thermocouple infrarouge portable à visée laser permet de réaliser facilement des mesures de température sans contact. Afficheur rétroéclairé, fonction Hold, mesure en °C ou en °F. Fonction d'extinction automatique pour préserver la durée de vie de la pile. Livré avec étui de transport souple en PVC.
Linearized digital transmitter
These linearized digital transmitters for head-mounting are available with a factory-set or custom-set range. Accessory for optional DIN rail mounting. These transmitters must be used with a regulated power supply as proposed code 748-202.
HART Protocol Transmitter
Digital head transmitter configurable by HART communicator or associated software. For industrial applications that generally require hardware compatibility with the HART protocol. Factory configuration for predefined ranges, but we can also supply them unconfigured when the user wants to do it himself using dedicated software tools.
Digital transmitter accuracy temp.
TRFO is a strain gauge signal converter. Measurements taking using the 6-wires or 4-wires technique are available through Modbus-RTU serial protocol or the analog output.
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